Drafft 1.3.0 - Big maintenance plus a few features.

This release includes a LOT of maintenance fixes and big changes in the bundler. Please do a backup before trying and I would recommend testing it with a dummy project first.

1.3.0 - 2023-08-01

IMPORTANT: Potential breaking changes. Please backup your projects before updating.

  • Feature: Upgrade Markdown Editor to a more performant version.
  • Feature: Add TOML support for quests, items and misc.
  • Fix: When unlocking a dialog, attempt to save the current dialogue script if any. Cancel any autosave.
  • Fix: Proper error message if project exists when creating a new project.
  • Fix: Alias not being generated at certain occasions.
  • Fix: Refresh Script after generating tags.
  • Fix: Dialogue player not moving backwards on certain scenarios.
  • Fix: Grid edit form not updating.
  • Fix: Grid max height.
  • Fix: Autodetect Actors crash.
  • Fix: A Lot of minor CSS fixes.
  • Maintenance: Upgrade dependencies, delete old packages.
  • Maintenance: Migrate bundler from Webpack to Vite.
  • Maintenance: Migrate every mobx decorator class to ES compliant.
  • Maintenance: Set up tailwindCSS alongside antd for future upgrades.


drafft-1.3.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage 203 MB
Version 1.3.1 Aug 03, 2023
drafft-linux_portable.zip 201 MB
Version 1.3.1 Aug 03, 2023
drafft-Installer-1.3.1-win-x64.exe 141 MB
Version 1.3.1 Aug 03, 2023
drafft-1.3.1-linux-arm64.AppImage 204 MB
Version 1.3.1 Aug 03, 2023
drafft-windows_portable.zip 206 MB
Version 1.3.1 Aug 03, 2023
drafft-mac_portable.zip 198 MB
Version 1.3.1 Aug 03, 2023

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